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Track 1. Vidication

Track 2. Colour Blind

Track 3. Lockdown in London

Track 4. (I'll never be) No Gender Offender

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"RANSOM sound to me, sound like a very determined and dedicated outfit, obviously benefiting from all those long hours and many gigs playing various covers. This has lead to a tight interlocking dedicated band who have actually managed to come up with more complex material than the average 3 piece back line and front-man format usually has.

With their semi-American feel, especially the vocal input, and the extraordinary bass and guitar work RANSOM must surely now be at their career crossroads with the release of this 4 track self-penned BANGER of an EP, and must make some hard decisions in the months ahead. However, overall, I reckon that they are already well above average, and have a very strong future potential if the right path is taken!

I wish them well with the release of this EP, I recommend it to their fan base, and may they enjoy the very best of luck for the future."
Neal Kay. 02/08/2020.

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The Lock Down Video

 As a  busy working Classic Rock Covers band we very much prided ourselves on doing the hard yards every weekend giving it our all on stage ( or bar floor )  and leaving nothing behind. Regularly paying homage and tribute to the music and bands that you and we all love and admire.

So what to do now? With nowhere  to play and no chance  of pay due to lock down regulations! Without a glimmer of light or hope on the horizon. In fact, apart from Dave and Zach who are family , we were not even allowed to be in the same room together !

So instead of feeling sorry for ourselves we hit upon the idea of writing a song about breaking away from all this frustration and recording it remotely.

“Lockdown in London”  sounded so good and proved such a popular track ( Just you wait until you hear the remix) that we decided to set up a go funding page to see if we could raise enough money to try and record some more.

Setting a target of £1,000 we never thought we would realistically get anywhere near that amount. However were just totally blown away by the love and support of our loyal family, friends and fans that we actually smashed that target within only two weeks.

As promised it all went back into the writing and recording of new original music. The end result is the quite stunning four track Ep ‘Halfway to Hell’

The tracks included which are all  ‘Ranthems’ in their own right are :

1)  Vindication
2) Colour blind.
3) Locked down in London
4) No Gender Offender

We are all incredibly proud of these four songs, that not only tip their respective hat’s to all our Rock ‘n’ Roll heroes but also cover many issues and topics that are very relevant right now.

‘ Halfway to Hell’ which was mixed and produced by the band themselves and will be available  on all media platforms, It will also be sent directly to all our wonderful sponsors and contributors as a thank you gift.

So keep  your eyes open for the release date announced shortly.
Spread  the word as very soon you will all be held to Ransom!

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