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This is for every band that’s ever been
That you’ve dismissed or  just never seen...

First verse

Ya told to pick a number,
but they’re all the same
And you ain’t worth a dollar,
When you ain’t got a name
It ain’t about the music,
or what’s gone before
The sound of your guitar
or the Audience roar....

Now we’re back outta hell ..


Here’s to the heroes still rocking the night
 Refusing to die by the words that you write .As they climb ...just as high as they can

Building your gallows for their dreams to hang
You tighten the noose let your trap door bang
Killing time for ......the Korporation klan...

2nd verse
All the  blood and sweat
that never makes your list
But If not for them
You simply don’t exist
You think you hold all the power
What planet are you on ?
Part of the media shower
Who’s reign has come and gone

Cos we just don't subscribe to your negative vibes


Chorus ( double)

#...We’ll sing this loud and forevermore
We’ll Stand and fight til we win this war ..#