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They're Just a Pub Band 2022 T's
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"RANSOM sound to me, sound like a very determined and dedicated outfit, obviously benefiting from all those long hours and many gigs playing various covers. This has lead to a tight interlocking dedicated band who have actually managed to come up with more complex material than the average 3 piece back line and front-man format usually has.

With their semi-American feel, especially the vocal input, and the extraordinary bass and guitar work RANSOM must surely now be at their career crossroads with the release of this 4 track self-penned BANGER of an EP, and must make some hard decisions in the months ahead. However, overall, I reckon that they are already well above average, and have a very strong future potential if the right path is taken!

I wish them well with the release of this EP, I recommend it to their fan base, and may they enjoy the very best of luck for the future."
Neal Kay. 02/08/2020.

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