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Colour blind

Stirring in the ghettos
Carnage on the street
Cars are overturning
Crazy from the heat
There’s an uprising
That just won’t go away
Babylon’s burning on judgement day
Looting in the cities
Sirens start to wail
Gotta stand your ground
Fight ‘em tooth and nail
The melting pot is leaking
Empire’s on the rack
Burning in the shadows of a Union Jack...


So Fire ...  .....reload ...rewind
Can’t you see your race card’s been declined ..Recode ....your mind
leave all this hate behind ....and  be colour blind ...

See the shining stars
never change your stripes
Play your trump card
For your Stereotypes
Tearing down your statues
A slave to history
Saluting all the martyrs
For whom you take the knee
Armies are amassing
Time to pick a side
To kill A mocking bird
Or serve your foolish pride
Common sense is wasted
On anger that’s within
No-one should ever die
For the colour of their skin...


Death don’t really care who’s wrong or right

And Won’t discriminate If you’re Black or white

Solo ( have a dream exert)


And be colour blind x4

Leave the hate behind and be Colour blind

Lyrics MFielder
Music D&Z Barlow